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the indians and seven and paul mccartney at 8:00 p.m.t and tomorrow maybe the day to test your nerves. >> > b took a bad day to convert kelly lechner from a car commuter to someone who use of the rapidto the day that a half-hour commute turned into two hours. >> started after the debacle with captain americast that i started taking rta. >> and maybe a few more convert after the last couple days as the evening rush begins out of town wednesday and thursday is expected to be an equal amount of cars coming into town t for three big events he and his tea progressiveh field with thousan of fans and sold out paul mccartney show at the q. and th browns preseason with tens of thousands as people using the rapid. >> very convenient to grab the rapid >> what says as other than the detoursrs that have been in pla
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closurest although volume expec to be having and they advise yo to come early to avoid delays.n shoreway project, especially on thursday for the browns games could affect traffic and special event parking rates are in effect the matter where you par the bus and train are looking like a good option for many people for the next few days. >> g all events will not find parking and if you did thehe would be extra high probably. >> parking rate i saw a sign that said it was one of dollars special rate, down by the q , looking at dead man's curve for many peoplele coming into town that is always a bad area. as they split off of 77, 71 and 90 tomorrow on the shoreway, by lake avenue there is lots of
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shoreway as they try to get the browns game.y today, be very careful to be lots of stuff and progressive fielde and then tomorrow it will be all over th areaen so the watchwords are patients and also to the early. >> an early. >> could we get some are rainfall. >> melissa myers, tracks and from the weather center. >> looking at radar there is a lone cell south and east about 15 mph in the narrow band of storms from southern michiganin approaching extreme northwest ohio. show you near twinsburg, aurora and dangerous towardsar
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ten-20 minutes with a quick downpour moving southeast aroun 15 mph. one lone cell in the center of ashtabula county between jefferson, and over with about 350 lightning strikes across northwest ohio it is approaching southeast michigan. looking at the rainfall totals, ashtabula has received nothing but most have gotten between on quaer rainfall generally speaking. should the line of showers/storms from texas into the mississippi river valleys a into west virginia. a weak disturbance to the northwest locale of those stores maintain her composure crossing into our backyardrdcr. at the watch downtown cleveland if it does remain alive through the evening between eight and 10:00 p.m.
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downtown cleveland. it may not make it this far, and tonight mid-sixties, partly cloudy. can see that full sturgeon moved overnight tonightl. >> prosecutors dismissed charges against man who says to east cleveland officers beat him so he had to go to the hospital, jesse nickerson said he thought he was going to die said assaulted them, he says he was handcuffed, they were fired a few days after the alleged incident. nixon face more charges including receiving stolen property, he now wants the officers to face criminal charges,, bci's investigating. >> i-team found no crossing guards for kids at dozens of busy intersections .
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nobody was hired in time for the start of school, as ed gallek here with the latest. >> la safety is at stake, the i-team investigates how this happened with this mean for yout kids, dozens of crossing guard jobs are in film. >> kids come out of school and there is no crossing guard,s sh was helping her child and she knows the danger of the first day of classes that was widespread. >> re becauseo you never know. >> i saw that nobody was here, and they were not here this morning either. >> the i-team checked on crossing guard citywide in cleveland schoolsi-, a total of three and 49 positions, the there were classes 70 jobs vacant, nearly one fourth unfilled, we are seeing the danger, last school year a
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, happened with the crossing guar job unfilled. >> > this mother has a son abou to start kindergarten, a preschool daughter and she is concerned. gahtgot to have someone crossin these kids especially with all of these accidents and stuff. >> the city says is trying to cover so the gaps by having the crossing guards do double duty, to have them cross kids at one school,, then moved to another intersection at another school that starts and ends at different times. >> ti&he city says that with th crossing guards doing double duty that can cover about half of the unfilled positionst and they say that it is processing manyay crossing guard job applications. >> ca the police are the guards in the i-team wanted to ask how i got this point. th , there is no when school starts. spokesman
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>> to plaster jaida walker kenston school is still thinks about others. >> algot to make sure that the get across the street. >> we contacted cleveland councilman brian kazy, michael plemons ichiban kevin conwell look into thisan city is processing about 20 jobs but th council set of processes to slo and mike polensek called the system broken. >> m i get about the coverage is not what it needs to be. >> abit's like having people w overtime, we noticed that this is chronic this happened before and last november, there were 4 open positions last novembere with the same problem. >> > fire threatened businesses along east 4th street this morning as lorrie taylor says i was not bad enough to keep them
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>> it looks a lot worse than it wasas this morning, it appears that someone they had set a small fire behind the butcher brewer on east 4th street. here on east 4th street just after 530 wednesday morning, firefighters responded to call of a fire they deduced it was block.. >> jeff uniatowski, director of operations at the butcher & brewer, but east 4th. says his phone rang as the sun was comin up. >> utaywe had some smoke come i through the air conditioning units. >> afire had been set behind th craft brewery >> it was contained within 30 minutes. >> > cothe back alleys where th fire was said, causing some
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enough to close any of the businesses. >> brewmaster says he went straight for the basement on arrival. that any of the 12 deer season brewinghe on premis might have been damaged. >> voice changing and have a ne styles brewedve. >> says that he found nothing but good newsws on the lowe level. that was the same stor throughout, just a little smoke but nothing to ke fans and paul mccartney fans from enjoying a good meal befor their night of entertainment begins. >> aligthey say that the societ lounge also sustained smoke damage but nothing seriousso an they are open for business tonight. >> ddlast night wisconsin donald trump made a pitch to african-american voters but has a a lot of ground to cover according to a recent poll in states of ohio and pennsylvania
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african-american vote. >> trump says the democratic party has failed in the trade t theme african-americanan community and said that hillary clinton sees them aso acute use of color and not as individuals. >> she was include today at john matt wright joins us with more on what happened. >> with 83 days until the election,n, the race of focused contrast or tax plan from donal trump's's in using a local high school as proof of what she say is at stake. >> up close with a presidential candidate,, hillary clinton touring john marshall high school to see the programs that teacho engineering, tech and business skills. >> s80 students at. >> i was glad i had chance to see her and to shake her hand.
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the student gave her a ring designed on a 3d printer that you're on stage. >> us on the feature called the students and teachers show me what they're doing here and robotics, 3d design, laser design and prompt entrepreneurial and civic education. in the school gymnasium call for more investment in education and infrastructure and hammered donald trump'se >> donald trump do not need to task up, i don't need a task on it's time for the wealthiest americans,t who you are, as wel as corporationsy and wall stree pay your fair share in taxes. the plan calls for higher taxes on the wealthy includingp through the estate tax, his pla would abolish the tax and cut the top rate for business income. >> eor fire marshall said the
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here, some of thoseug close supporters got to meet hillary clinton after the event. >> > about it was an speech to out your plan and gave specific and i think we're headed in the right direction. >> espeech was special for students at the school. >> speech was very powerful and very meaningful. >> after the speech, she got a chance to meet paul mccartney,h she stopped by his sound check today >> sound check small group of supportersou gathered outside s of you like having a mama third
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they say that she would be badad for america want to see donald trump in the white house nominee received his first classified briefing today small group of local lawmakers gathered outside of john marshall high school for hillar clinton was talking about the economy say why they feel her policies will not work. s they suit look at the last senate half years un?er obama and you they say the time for being medically correctng as expired and not only will these ideas make us saferex but his economic plan is less regulation and lower taxes will provide growth and only through growth that we can ensure a better future. whillary has made her economic proposalsi, and it is the same old same old, looks like it wil just perpetrate part-time for
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the minimum wage and the countr has had enough. >> > i am the daughter of a sma business owner , husband is a plumber i worked as a server al through college and through my first term and the legislature understand what it takes to get the job donehe this man has a proven track record oft creatin jobs in our nation something that she cannot testify to doin for the american people and i think he understands how to mov forward on difficult need some one who firm and toug times and where our security is at risk. he will stand firm t protect american lives. >> today's class were briefing was leded by the office of the director of national intelligence, new jersey governor chris christie and former lieutenant governor michael flynn company trump to the briefing, having them with him today you can imagine that
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research shows that three fungal disease destroying banana plants it has reduced the banana harvest by 40 percent plant pathologists say that at this rate the global banana industry could be gone is not done to combat it, if they need to apply fungicide up to 50 times each year. >> > k'waun williams was the storms approaching,
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all the way towards northeast ohio probably close to eight or 9:00 p.m. for downtown cleveland. scott mccartney and the try playing so we will keep watch on that looking at thehe subject currently at burke today a high of 85, theof low was 71 and anyone is normalan we had to chance of rainfall hopkins. and sunset at 8:23 p.m.m. be careful at the bus stop with sunrise and about 639 we have a storm in portions of summit and northern portage county, aurora, man away and
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all the way to arkansas louisiana and texas currently 83 hopkins 79 and
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detroit 73 rain-cooled, tonight mid-sixtie partly to mostly cloudy. tomorrow could be a stray
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the indians keep rolling but will they be at the white sox in game two of the series tonight, j.t. has sam
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? mera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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the bra safeco field in their first home preseason game and j.t. joined us, there is discipline for one? >> ncb k'waun williams has been suspended for two games and fined for the weather tease says multiple violations of team rules, he claimed to have an injured ankle and the team doe not buy that, the browns will play their first game at first energy stadium tomorrow when falcons come to town, hue jackson, treating the fine line to to keep everybody healthy throughout th preseason. >> > that they were preseason is
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arizona cardinals coach bruce arians wa aken to san diego hospital before the practice against the chargers he had stomach pain wa held overnight, he has been suffering from bronchiolitis, the disease is when the colon i inflamed or infected. >> isithe end is extend there l they have 17 of the last ten an have linked them the lead over the tigers to six games, tonig t to the hillnd, the indians are averaging five runs per game second-best in the american league and third-best in the majors an the run differential third in baseball, jason kipnis has been hot during the six-gam homestand hitting .5 to six with five extra-base hits in seven runs scored . could you see the lebron james on in the cavalier
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production, business, empire building and could see him as a owner and the nba, the lebron james who spearheaded the james family event tuesday at cedar point told the podcast open ru on a platform he started how he could see himself on an 18. he would have a gm and a, but the lebron james but not use his expertise to assess talent, his knowledge of the game is extraordinary and i successfully snt owning an nba team. >> excitement building and hard to believe thatex friday night touchdown is around the corner. >> a it begins next week, cannot wait for it, see how the akron hoban knights able to navigate
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state championship when they handled toledo central catholic. they have a lot of talent. >> join us for the season premiere on friday august 26 at 11:00 p.m., the best high schoo football coverage in northeast ohio fox 8.
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crash caught on camera as to states troopers collide while trying to catch a suspected drunk driver. >> ecamaia belay has more on tht video. >> woman called 911 said she knew something bad was going to happenid.
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that robert steele is to blame for hurting two of the troopers as you can see in this dash-cam video,o,t state patrol in an eaton township catch toto catch them was caught on drunk driving back on durkee road in august 2. was not too far behind the crash. >> r there was an officer sitting on some rocks and he was not moving very wellng and another officer was stumbling around, h wasum in shock. >> she spotted the suspected drunk driver just minutes earlier,nk passed out at the wh of his pickup truck blocking traffic next to her diner, she says a motorcyclist pound it on the window, we can allow pets
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>> he was like a ping-pong ball all over the road. >> o the wind was really sketchy because the emt the showed up was holding his neck and he was the one that have been the most scared because he wasn't moving. >> > she stayed until hel arrived. >> lpthat's what hurt the most see that two officers who were hurtrt. >> can see the skidmarks the crash happened, they almost singular tragedy may have struck,h she says even though s cannot prevent the crash, followinghec him was the right thing to do. >> wis your job as a human to stop in to help , that's the wa it should be. >> the crashes hard to watch, robert steele was arrested, the troopers were not badly hurt.
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that when she was following behind when it happened to help out. >> od a car driving away from police ending up in a crash on the sidede the places they trie to pull over a driver about 3: collided with another vehicle shaker boulevard, the man in th other car, 63 of romero brown was killed two others we moreh grand away from the same. investigators reveal more about a crackdown on suspecteded ring thieves stealing atms at smash and grabs as yesterday showed you 11 suspects facing charges for crimes in five counties. now they say that this group could be blamed for between 510 smash and grabs the hope that the case sends a message to othersrs, it shows how detectiv
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together. >> who work together, we recognize a common problem, share information and then we will find them. >> they expect more charges against more suspects in this latest case. >> a pair of daytime armed robberies, and our part into nearby communities , both on video and after a month of thes kinds of holdups, please tell dave nethers that enough is enough. >> er2:20 p.m. tuesday. >> a pair of armed men burst into a dollar general store in barberton their faces are covered. >> one of them immediately pointed a handgun at the manage in order the employees into customers behind the counter. >> ershowing a handgun the empt
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while the most recent in a daytime armed robberies. >> since july we've had the mos 25 on sundays we had three or four . >> 11 miles away from the barberton store m an hour earli two gunmen dressed the same holding up a family dollar stor on the east side of akron. >> mi is to arrive before closing, and they would hit the businesses before the close and now they have moved up to mid afternoon and now it is afternoon. >> and there is little question that these are the same responsible for both. >> sounds like they're getting bolderso and sounds like they'r going to be more of these intel caughtt. >> concerns the police is that they take place during busy stores during business hours that the government may get mor brazen and could lead to someone
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videos of these robberies, not only the ones that show the robbery occurring, but also tha has have audio were so one coul recognize someone by voice we have not slowed them down. >> > dave nethers fox 8 news v-tech there sure that not all of the robberies in the last month oror not but in any case they were that someone will get hurt. >> > ey new info about a deputy involved shooting ministry of the county is elizabeth noreika istr in the control room detail. >> he at the robber held a teenage girl against her well be said that 26 year michael martin robbed a 17-year-old girl and rock creek aboutut three yesterday morning at gunpoint the spotted his suv about 7:30 a.m. at his
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township that's when they shot him after he refused to put dow his gunho he drove off of christ into a utility pole where he wa pronounced deadt, an autopsy is being done to determine the cause of deathps bci has taken over the case the deputies who far the weapons on administrative leavehefa. akron fire department receiving some well-deserved praise the ohio department of veterans affairs for thefor officials veterans, today they turned the fire department handing out challenge coins that the firefighters, said akron is the beacon of what fire departments should be. >> this is a great apartment , is a benchmark department fora we need to do for our veterans across the statete. i am very impressed with the programs here, for veterans and non- vet
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rep in their arms them. >> ohio soldier almost 900,000 veterans. >> at just about ten from the fourth annual fox 8 foxtrot. sponsored by northern ohio hond dealers this yearr run to support veterans at louis stokes o veland va medical center on sunday august 20:00 a.m. mall c. >> standard registration get yo into the 5k run or 1 mile walkg in free t-shirt, premium registration gets you a free american flag, and raffle entry to win onean of several flags flown overseas. to register, fox >> robbed in rio, american gold-medal swimmer says he was held up at gunpoint,sa why have the police issued a warrant for him?
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fiber passengers had to use my folds out of their cruise ship called firess is starting 3he engine room of the caribbean fantasy as it passed by puerto rico's north coast, the coast guard rescued everyone. >> 'sed more drama at the olympics but not in the race for gold. brazilian judge says she needs more time to determine if s american swimmers filed a false hello kitty robber report in rio, steve nannes reportsts. >> e they said they got more questions or two of the four american swimmerss who claimed they were robbed at gunpoint in rio sunday, and vincent that ryan lochte recounted on
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with a couple swimmers were coming back from the trance houseth and got pulled over the guy pulled out a gun andgo put forehead and said get down and took my money and wallet. >> . >> please visit the olympic village wednesday brazilian judge issued a search warrant for ryan lochte ian james fagan and in order to seize or passports the swim team says they moved out days ago has been increasing speculation about what happenedys after the daily mail released a video say is of them returninghe to the olympic village sunday afternoo spent the judge a review of the video says they appeared unshaken and making jokes,thsa lochte's lawyer said that
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and he fully cooperated, is not asked to sta in brazil,i if asked how he wou have assisted code they still have not reached out for additional info, steve nannes reporting. >> in thousand people evacuated in florida and california as fire spread out of control in a drought stricken area of san bernardino county, scorching 37 square milesar the fire devastated and saysfi lot of families will return hom to nothing. >> t a troubling situation continues in louisiana,a, histo flooding is blamed for at least 11 deaths the floodwatersrs at baton rouge are beginning to proceed, 6,000 people in shelters and more than 40,000 homes damaged , volunteers are assisting the red cross with
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right now i'm hopeful prayerful that people are working together to try to help each otherer. we have some goo neighbors, they've been pitchin in and i'm grateful for that.ey everything will be all right, i trust god more than anything. >> st 20 parishes in the region were declared a major disaster area by the federal government today , white house says homeland security secretary jeh johnson will be visiting louisiana tomorrow to survey the damage >> we do have a few storms, there are now very ominous, the
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northeast ohio and several hoursrs, at cedar point, it was pretty good at times ha the shadow effect because of clouds. it looks like and join one run. near streetsboro on the turnpik to some downpours just outside of aurora and west of mantua. showers between jefferson and
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since we last looked things are weakening the storm upstream will watch them to see if they even make it this far moving about 15 mph. southwest us is busy with scattered showers, a narrowband that is weakening. most viewed and should quiet, just some bloody concerns to the south and east and a line southwest including indiana, illinois into missouri arkansas, texas. windsor pretty calm anywhere fr
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area of high pressure, it is still not stable enough to keep away the showers. the front will come through to bring us the best chance of showers/storms, more organized, after midnight, partly cloudy la tomorrow dry start to friday and the afternoon about a 20, 3 percent chance of snow shower in spots tonight mid- 60s becoming partly cloudy. most o
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overnight. it is still warm/humid. a really strong front will be more organized showers/stormsi saturday late into sunday. it will be cool and comfortable next week with overnight lows in the 50s. next friday the 2,016th high school football season begins and also friday night touchdown. before the first highlights are aired we look at some other top
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season 20 of friday night touchdown next friday, p.j. ziegler, dan coughlin john telich, joined them for the season premiere on friday august 26 at 11:00 p.m.s
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coverage on here fox 8. >> you've heard of wedding crashers but none quite like this, how this couple accidentally landed up with a
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winnings take a lot of planning. >> sometimes the surprises that take the cake.. this particula couple became an online cessation because of this photo they both a recession as the same venue as a llama convention. v it was in differ rooms for the nonstopw them fro
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photo op, lost and that is thatat. >> thank you for joining us. >> fox 8 news and seven coming
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are your kids in danger walking to and from school? have found dozens of busy intersections without crossing guards. >> ronobody was hard for the jo is ed gallek reports . there is no crossing guard here, a mother was crossing her child and she saw the danger of the first day ofch school that widespread. >> been a crossing you never know. >> e i saw that nobody was here, they were not here this morning. >> > y i-team checked all crossing guard citywide and cleveland


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